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Best Lead Generation Websites For Contractors

One of the hardest things that contractors are faced with in business is generating new customers.  Sure when you’ve been in business forever you can probably survive off of referrals, but the majority of contractors need active lead generation.  When looking for the best lead generation websites for contractors there is not a one size fits all answer, but there are many things that have proven true with successful websites.  Let’s dive right into what it takes for a contractor website to crush it in the search results and organically provide the amount of leads that will make your business a thriving success.  

First off, this has to be said, it is going to cost money, no matter what, to build a website with first page rankings and consistently provide you with new customers. You can pay up front and have a professional like Absolutely Elite build your contractor website, or if you have more time than money, you can create it yourself (and pay 5X as much with your time).  Either way, the only way for your website to be successful is to rank on the first page of Google. Yeah, we know it’s cliche, but it’s also the truth.  

Why is it important to rank on Google?

It’s no secret that the majority of clicks are going to the highest ranking websites in the search results. Studies from around the web conclude that being #1 gets you about 33% of all clicks for that search term. Position 2 scores you 15%, third is only 9%, and almost not worth talking about after #5. It’s said that the first page of Google consumes at least 75% of clicks from the search results.

So what does this mean for your contractor website? If you rank #1 for a search term or keyword that is searched 1000 times per month, you should see around 300 clicks to your website. Hopefully now you can see the importance of ranking on the first page. Also why SEO can be what seems expensive, but in the long term, the one bill that actually pays your other bills.

Building Your Contractor Website Home Page

When it comes to internet marketing, it has become obvious over the past 5 years that authoritative content is what is going to dominate the first page of Google. Before we can get a couple thousand words together let’s identify your top couple services so we can begin to lay out your home page.  Every website and every contracting niche is different but the process is the same. We like to find the top three services, then do some keyword research and turn those 3 into about 9 or 10 keywords or “services”. So our home page is going to be a long form page made up of each of the 10 keywords sections about 250 words each.  It needs to be a long page in the neighborhood of 2,500 words. It will be laid out like this:

  1. Company Name: 250 words – First section, quick about us type summary
  2. Service 1 – 250 words 
  3. Service 1 Keyword Variation – 250 words 
  4. Service 1 Keyword Variation – 250 words 
  5. Service 2 – 250 words
  6. Service 2 Keyword Variation – 250 words 
  7. Service 2 Keyword Variation – 250 words 
  8. Service 3 – 250 words 
  9. Service 3 Keyword Variation – 250 words 
  10. Service 3 Keyword Variation – 250 words 

At first glance, it seems like 2,500 words is a book and impossible to create, but when broken down into these smaller sections it is much more manageable. Your website needs to be an authority to rank at the top.  Think about it this way, Google  web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of webpages and organize it in the Search index. There are only 10 spots on page one in the organic results, so to reap the benefits of being in that top spot is going to take some work.  

Here is an example of actual keywords on a live site laid out this way… Conroe Patio Covers

3 Main Services: Patio Covers, Screen Room, Sunroom.  

  1. Conroe Patio Covers
  2. Patio Covers
  3. Louvered Roof
  4. Insulated Patio Cover
  5. Equinox Louvered Roof
  6. Screened in Porch
  7. Screen Enclosures
  8. Sunroom
  9. Porch Enclosures
  10. Patio Pergola

If you concentrate on each section individually, and sprinkle in some captivating images, your homepage will be a well thought out long form sales page and not seem like a novel to your new prospective customer. 

Lead Generation Websites

The layout of your lead generation website is also extremely important to get leads and conversions. Your contractor website is a tool, and should be treated as such. We deal with so many business owners that are married to their old website. Most of the time, these older dated websites are nothing more than an online business card, they certainly aren’t producing a steady stream of new customers.

Hopefully you follow the outline above to create your homepage and now we need to add in a few call to action buttons and forms. The goal of any contractor site should be to produce warm qualified leads. To do this we need a bunch of click to call buttons, and a contact form on every single page.

Where should I place my Contact Us Form?

This is a great question… On the Top of Page and to the right. The top right position converts the absolute best for Contractor websites. The top of your page should consist of your best picture, your Business Name, one liner about your business or services offered, a click to call button, and your contact form. When your website starts to rank well, you will get more and more highly targeted traffic. These customers have typed in the exact thing they were looking for into Google, and landed on your site so the top of the page is ideal to ask for their information to book an appointment or estimate with you.

Where do you put Click To Call buttons?

Our answer is everywhere. In the Conroe Patio Covers example we talked about above, there are 11 click to call buttons on the home page. The best way to spread them out is to add one to each section. This makes it very easy for prospects that are scrolling through the page on a mobile device to click to call you. The next question we’ve seen so many people taken advantage of over the years.

How do you add Click To Call Buttons?

There are several monthly services out there that offer this service… We can’t figure out why anyone would pay to do this. Adding a click to call link is the exact same as any other link on your website, but instead of linking to another page or website, it links to your phone number.

We are not going to spend time explaining how to create html links, but here are two examples: 

  • Regular link: <a href=””>Absolutely Elite</a>
  • Click to Call: <a href=”tel:+1-281-612-5959″>Click to Call (281) 612-5959</a>

You can use regular buttons as well and just use tel:+1-281-612-5959 as the url it points to.

Creating Your Contractor Website Service Pages

If you were to ask 20 agencies about how to create a service page, you’d get at least 10 different answers.  Most people think that these are just supporting pages to your home page. That is true in a sense, but from Google’s eyes who sees the web as individual web pages (or URLs), basically each page is it’s own individual website and can rank in the search engines.  So we should treat each service page as an opportunity to take up more real estate on the first page search results.  

The majority of the time when people get to their service pages they get lazy.  How many websites have you seen when you click on a service page it’s a couple sentences and maybe a couple pictures.  Another one we see all the time is duplicate content, just copying and pasting the same information on several pages. Take the time and build out services pages that are worthy of ranking and producing you new leads.  

We take the 10 services or keywords that we made sections for on the homepage and create a service page for each one.  Each one of these service pages will be 750+ words. We hear other internet marketers, advertisers, and many influencers telling their people to create 500 word service pages.   That’s fine, but we want to win, so let’s make sure we do a better job than all of them. The 750 words is a minimum, most of time our writers go heavy on every page. Let’s look at the breakdown of our service page

  1. Individual Service (250+ words)
  2. Keyword Variation (250+ words)
  3. Keyword Variation (250+ words)

You want to break up your text into small paragraphs and with images.  It’s not user friendly and the page doesn’t convert well when it is just a giant wall of text.  We know that the majority of people who build their own website will never take the time to write this much content.  It just doesn’t get done. That’s good because if you follow this formula to build your contractor website, you’ll win and remember that you only have to do the work once, then the website is online forever.  Your website can be your company’s #1 salesman working day and night, 7 days a week, pulling in new leads continuously so why would you not do the work? Remember your website is a tool. If you’re framing a house would we find a $39.00 Harbor Freight electric pancake compressor on your job site, or a $1,000.00 10 gallon Makita Gas Air Compressor with a Honda 5.5 HP running several framing guns? You get the picture.  

Sprinkler Service Case Study

Check out how they get over 100 phone calls very single month!

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Best Lead Generation Websites For Contractors​

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